Travel information from A to Z

This page offers useful tips for your journey to Basel.

City Ticket (bus or Tram ticket):

Most hotels and hostels offer mobility tickets with wich you can go by bus and Tram for free. A public transport route map of Basel can be found here.


During the regular conference days, we will offer a balanced lunch. To have dinner in a restaurant in Basel may be expensive. Therefore, we recommend to follow suit local traditions: buy something to eat and drink in the supermarket (Coop, Denner, Migros) – and possibly also at one of the numerous buvettes – and sit down by the Rhine. A cozy holiday mood is guaranteed!


Switzerland has specific power sockets (type J or SEV1011). Please remember to bring a travel adapter for recharging your electronic equipment.


In case of medical emergency, dial 144 (ambulance), in case of suspected poisoning, dial 145, police tel. 117, fire department tel. 118. The next pharmacy from our venue is the TopPharm Apotheke Hersberger (Spalenberg 41).

Flight tickets:

As there will be already summer holidays in some part of Switzerland, we recommend to book your flight as soon as possible in order to get a less expensive and convenient air ticket.


Please make sure, that Switzerland’s currency is the Swiss franc. However, in many places it is possible to pay by card.

Swimming in the Rhine:

In summer, the Rhine invites you to swim, but also carries risks. Note the currents and moving ships / boats and do not swim alone. Take advantage of our “Swimming in the Rhine” offer.

Swiss Travel Pass:

The SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) offer some special tickets for guests from abroad. So, if you like to discover Switzerland after the conference, it might be a good option.

Travel Insurance:

The Conference organizer cannot be held responsible for accidents. Participants are encouraged to purchase travel insurance in their home country prior to departure.


There is no need to buy bottled water, the tap water in Basel and all Switzerland is drinkable. The public fountains in the city also provide drinking water.


There will be an event WLAN account made available at the conference.